Romans 6:15-23 Know Consider Present - Jeff Coleman

Jeff addresses the problem of overcoming sin in our daily walk and the remedy provided in Romans Ch 6. We have to deal everyday with the temptation of whether to put the interest of ourselves before others. Now that we are saved from the penalty of sin, what do we do about the nagging problem of daily temptation and sin in our Christian life?

Rom 6:15-23 What God says to us about overcoming the temptation to sin in our daily Christian life.

Are we to sin? Sin leading to death or obedience leading to righteousness.

We have capacity of Knowing, Considering, and Presenting in battle of daily death to sin

Knowing is the first step in overcoming sin in our daily battle. Know about our identity in Christ

Know with our head.

Consider with your heart

Present with your hand.

Positionally, we have been set free from the old sin master. We have already won in Christ. Positionally, the sin master no longer has a rightful claim on your service.

1.       Know about your position in Christ when we believe. Knowing and counting it to be true is part of the victory we have in Christ.

2.       Consider, calculate, contemplate your identity and come to the right answer of who we really are in Christ. We are new creations in Christ. Considering our identity is the second step in overcoming sin.

3.       Stop presenting yourselves to sin but cut it off. Stop presenting your members to sin as tools for unrighteousness but present yourselves to God as one who has been brought from death to life.

It is still possible for a believer to present members of our body, our thoughts, our tongue, to sin. We struggle with this daily Instead, present ourselves to God as instruments of righteousness.

All people are slaves to whom they obey. We have a choice to make on a daily basis who we are going to serve. Practically we can serve the old master even though positionally we are slaves to righteousness.

We must bring our practice in line with our position.

There is no neutral position. "It may be the Devil or it may be the Lord but you are going to have to serve somebody" Dylan

If you think you are just on neutral ground then you are in practice serving Satan. You are just not aware of it. Matt 12:30

Standard/(form, pattern) of teaching, v 17. The doctrine of grace that Paul and the Apostles taught from. When we hear the gospel we are delivered over to grace and it frees us from the god of this age and gives us a firm foundation. It instructs us how to live, and shapes and mould who we are. Not moulded to the world but shaped by good doctrine and teaching.

Matthew 4:1-11 : Identity from Temptation - Simon S

Simon asks how we should learn from the Temptations of Jesus. What should we make of this teaching? In Exodus we read that Israel set apart to show the world who their father is so that the nations would come to know their father too by the way they lived to a light to the nations around them. When tests and temptations come would they resemble the character of their father. Will they look like God or betray their sonship? Jesus himself enters into history to show us who the Father.

Ch 4 is a spiritual battle. Satan is tempting God’s son to betray his identity of looking like God and his mission. Who are you going to be and what will you do to accomplish your mission. 

3 ways of accomplishing His mission to become King.

Test 1: in the wilderness. Jesus body and mind weakened. Reminds him of his human needs. Who are you…are you the son of God really?  How are you going to be the Messiah? Are you going to use your power for yourself. If you did you would be so popular. A short cut to the throne. Will you indulge your power? asks Satan. Jesus does not indulge his power for his needs.

Test 2: The temple, the place of worship. At the top where all the faithful Jews will be. If you are the Son of God then put on a show. Jesus, will you manipulate the crowd into believing in you?. Jesus resists because this is not what God is like. He will not manipulate his identity.

3rd way. I will give you all of it. The king who takes rather than the servant who would give. A jewish Alexander. A military shortcut to the throne. Jesus will you force them? Will you bow down and worship and betray his identity? God is not like that. God does not abuse power like we do. Kingdoms already belong to him. What kind of messiah are you going to be? All quotes from Deuteronomy.

If you are unfaithful and betray your identity then there will be consequences. The way of Jesus is the way of the cross, self giving love, humble service, sacrificial suffering because this is what God is like, this is who he is. He gave up his life so we can find it in Him. The God who meets us in Jesus. No crown with out a cross.

In the face of temptation we will be asked who we are and how we will accomplish our mission. Through out Church history we have not resisted satan. We play the power game to coerce people into the kingdom. We can wish that the message to share is more palatable or more wonders to display. But that is not what God is really like.

Liberty and Temptation - 1 Cor 10: Geoffrey S

Chapters 7,8,9 looked at our motivation toward the furtherance of the Gospel, and effects our liberty of choices can have on the lives of others. Matters of conscience.  

In Chapter 10 Paul warns the Corinthians about the consequences of indulging their liberty leading to idol worship, sexual immorality and discontentment with God's provision. This is no different for the Church today. Chapters 7,8,9 is about the effects on others while Chapter 10 considers the effects on a christian's walk, holiness and effectiveness for service.

When we are tempted, we need to rely upon Christ for a way of endurance, rather that resisting in our own strength.

We are reminded of the prohibition of bowing down before idols through the example made of Israel in the wilderness, and that God will have no other gods before Him.