Matthew 24: The Clash of Kingdoms - Ross P

Ross takes us through Matthew 24 and characterises it as the Clash of Kingdoms, the show down. Clash between the leaders of the nation of Israel and the Lord Jesus.  Here, Jesus tells his disciples about the future.

In this final week of the life of Jesus Christ there are three main events, 

1. Cleansing of the temple. ch 21.
2. 3 days of teaching to his opponents. ch 22.
3. Warnings to hypocrites. ch 23.

Ch 24 teaching is about the future. As Jesus left the Temple he predicted that every stone will be thrown down. When will this happen, what will be the sign? Jesus uses a a teachable moment with his disciples. An opportunity to teach the one who asked the question is ready to be instructed.

As Chapter 24 sets out future events we need to ask what is our attitude or reaction is to Prophesy. A word that generates different reactions from some.

1 Scoffers.  Not true, ridiculous!

2 Oh no! A cause of controversy. Frightened of what it can cause, nervous. Avoid at all costs

3. MEGO syndrome, boring, My Eyes Glaze Over? Why bother.

4. Curious. I want to know more.

Why bother with prophesy. Six reasons.

1. Promotes the study of Scripture, Heb 4:12, 30% of your bible is prophetic
2. Prevents ignorance. We need to be aware of things that are to happen
3. Proclaims Christ. Look for Christ in the passages
4. Promises personal benefit.
5. Promotes holy living. Seeing all these things are going to happen, what sort of people ought we to be.
6 Persuades action now. If you know the Lord is coming soon you need to be active now. How should we act in view of what is coming.

Are you ready for the return of Jesus or are you acting like those in the days of Noah? Judgement is coming

How do we change form serving idols to serving God. Repent and turn in faith to Jesus and accept what He did on the cross for your sin

Matthew 2 : Responses to Jesus - Ross P

Ross takes us through Matthew Ch2 and examines the response of the three types of people who hear the gospel of Jesus today.

Firstly, there are the magi, or astrologers, who on the evidence of just a few prophecies, sought out Jesus that they might worship Him. They needed to find out and lean more about the King. They stopped what they were doing to find Jesus.

Second, there were the Pharisees who had full access to the Scriptures, knew all the prophecies predicting His birth, but were too proud in their own traditions to recognise Jesus when he came. People today can know the story of Jesus and hear the gospel but are indifferent to its truth.

Thirdly, there is the picture of King Herod who reacted violently to the thought of another King in Jerusalem. There are people who, like Herod, will not submit to the King and reject Jesus.

Our choice is to worship, neglect or reject Jesus and Ross asks what people group we each fall in to.