Open Worship - Basis and Practice - John W

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At Cornerstone we allow a time each week for a period we call Open Worship. For anyone used to a structured service or liturgy, where all the teaching, praise, prayer and singing is fully arranged beforehand, a period where you don’t know what happens next can be quite unusual.

Today, John unpacks the basis for worship, when we should worship and how it applies in a church setting.

John takes his references from 1 Cor 1:14 where conduct with a gathered group of believers is described by Paul in response to a series of difficulties that the Corinthian church had been experiencing.

  • Worship comes from a heart that responds to God. Worship motivates us and impacts on everything we think, say and do

  • Open Worship has similarities (and differences) to, and is based on the principles taught in 1 Cor 14: Equality, plurality of participation, encouragement, order and freedom, being lead by the Holy Spirit

  • It is a time where we can respond to God both individually and as a church

  • It is a time to put God first, both in our own life and in the life of the church

Please pray for your leaders, that we will correctly apply the overall meaning, emphasis, and the details of the scriptures to Open Worship as we practice it