Tyranny of Desire - Maxon Mani

Maxon brings us another insightful illustration about life through use of story and narrative. He takes us to Gen 3 to propose that battle for our mind is the battle for our intellect. Our intellect is changed by the perspectives that society pushes on us. Perspectives of others, not God’s, eventually corrupts our will to decide.  Our corrupted will to decide becomes our warden. Tells us exactly what to do even if we don’t want to. It leaves behind a trail of victims. 

Everything and all things corrupts our will to decide. When we will do anything to fulfil our desire we multiply our victims. We harm those around us in pursuit of what we want. God is out of our mind. Adam and Eve decided against God and the generations that came after them.

Everything we are seeing and learning will eventually lead to the corruption of our will to desire for good and Maxon shows that this applies to all areas of life including matters of gender identity and sexuality.

Recorded 1.10.2017

Matthew 26:36-75 God honouring decisions - Maxon M

Maxon brings a wonderful perspective and story telling to illustrate the issue of our decision making and whether we will submit our will to those of others, even if that comes at a cost to ourselves. The point is exemplified in Jesus submitting totally to the Father in going to the cross to die so that all people might be saved.

He also considers the real life example of Peter who falls and is restored by the Lord. We can identify with Peter, who in one moment claims devotion to and Lordship of Jesus and then in the next moment find ourselves denying Jesus in the face of man's unfavourable option. Repentance is about daily living and stumbling and getting up again and setting our face back toward Jesus in obedience.

We must each day consider the consequences of our decisions regarding our rights, our time, our energy, our resources and think whether it will bring ourselves and others closer to, and into, the Kingdom of God



Matthew 6:19-34: Do not worry! - Maxon M

Maxon sets the scene with regard to a kingdom announcement. He encourages us to look at Matthew’s Gospel from the perspective of a rebellion against the ruling authority and the mind set necessary to maintain a love for God. There is a cost and a conflict in identifying with the Kingdom.

John declared new kingdom was coming and for his work he lost his life. Jesus declared the kingdom arrival and He lost his life. When we we declare a new kingdom it is not a surprise that there is resistance but we are not to worry.

Worry only subtracts, it does not add. It’s mathematical language. Every time we worry we subtract beauty from our life.

Matthew 5-7 prepare us for the new kingdom. The weight of the world was on the disciples and beatitude teachings were intended to equip them to keep their devotion toward the Kingdom

Key verse
vs 33 But seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be added to you.

God loves us and everything is in Gods hands. God knows what is happening in our life which is our source of strength. Where our heart is decides where we focus our attention. Where your devotion is is where your heart is. You cannot serve something you cannot love.

Love and hate are not exclusive, they are a continuous scale. We serve one more than the other. 

vs 22 Good eye, bad eye. 
Our perspectives about wealth. Good eyes see the deceitfulness in riches. The way we look at this world determines our everyday decisions.

The World is devoted to materialism. Materialism has become a God. 

Prosperity expects that all suffering is removed. Prosperity doctrine argues that If you suffer it is because of sin. So God is punishing you. A true relationship with God must result in riches in this world. Christianity is turning to mamon but money alone does not represent all other riches. 

The riches of this world and the God. Choose between the two. Riches worship God or we worship the riches. God served through what we have in this world. Save up where out heart is, where Jesus is.

Materialism is idolatry. Catholics are criticised for having false idols but Protestants are also guilty of idolatatory by worshipping materialism. We can be unaware of worshipping God and the materialism of the world at the same time.

Why is it wrong to save up and heap up more and more at the cost of others dying? Governments store up while people are dying. Overtime when we covert and store something someone else is dying somewhere.

We must not allow riches to divide our devotion. Riches given to us are to be used to worship God. The riches must be allowed to extend the kingdom that has been proclaimed It can otherwise become a kingdom of itself and so we serve that kingdom

Vs 25 Worrying.
Worry destroys our health. It takes away your peace. Any happiness built up on anything of this world is not true peace. True peace is only built upon knowledge if God’s love for us. Knowing how much God loves us drives away unnecessary fear which drives away all unnecessary worry we have. The world give happiness and the world will take it away. The joy of the Lord is my strength. Every time we have no money we have no joy. If we have no lodging we have no joy but we sing the Joy of the Lord is our strength. Why is this. Happiness comes with circumstance. Joy must be created by what we know about God, rather than by what we have. When it comes it brings joy.  When we lose money or processions we still enjoy Gods love for us.  Worry takes away our peace. Worry subtracts peace from your life. A worried person is an angry person. Worry takes from your from what keeps you healthy.

Author: John White, an example of a communist young man. The struggle for world communism. A cause to fight for. A commitment and devotion. 

1 Thess 5:18 be thankful in all circumstances. Thankfulness brings positivity into your mind, say thank you for having the problem. The greatest musician was David. Ps 18. He saw his enemies and worries and just thanked God and drove out unnecessary worry. Being thankful to God helps us drive out all worry.

Testimony: of giving up a job to serve God and the effect of worry. Worry will dry you up. Undivided devotion is required to be part of the new kingdom.

Our joy comes from knowing that Jesus loves us because the “Bible tells us so”