Matthew 5a

Matthew 5:1-20 Sermon on the Mount - Ross P (*new*)

Ross brings to us one of the best know passages in Scripture where Jesus begins to teach the people about the characteristics of being a member of God's Kingdom. The message of the Gospel is that it starts with repentance. 

What does it mean to be blessed. What is happiness? Who has the greatest joy
What does it mean to be salt
What does it mean to be light
What was Jesus relationship to the Law such that he was able to fulfil the law

What makes happiness.  Not a function of a good feeling but living good lives which can include pain. Everyone has a different definition of happiness.

Four levels of happiness. 
Level 1 Immediate need fulfilled, but must be met over and over again.
Level 2, achieving a goal by denying yourself after a period of restraint. Only temporary. The anxiety of not achieving can lead to unhappiness
Level 3 Giving unconditional service and love. Only temporary.
Level 4, knowing God, changes everything and permanent.

Salt. Preservative in society. Flavour our society. Thirst inducer. Creates a desire for the living water that comes from the Lord Jesus. Essential for life. Salt solution used for resuscitation . Are we salty christians with the right level of seasoning. Does our speech always have flavour?

What are you looking for to bring you happiness.

Is our light shining. Are you hiding your light

Do you have a high view of scripture. Does your righteousness exceed the most pious person you know.

Have you been born again?

1 Repent, cannot save ourselves and turn toward God.

2 Faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.