Romans 7:1-12 Free from the Law - Ross P

Ross reads to us from Romans 7:1-12 and considers three aspects of the law and the differences between its implications for a believer and for an unbeliever.

Its Authority v1

Its Arousal of passions v5

Its Actuality v 6. We are now free/released from the law. It has no grip on us.

‘In Christ Alone’
As He stands in victory
Sin's curse has lost its grip on me
For I am His and He is mine
Bought with the precious blood of Christ

Keith Getty/Stuart Townend

Mothers' Day 2018 - a Biblical Perspective - J Coleman

Today's message explores the importance of Motherhood, and how valued mothers are in God's redemptive plan for the family, church and nation. Encouragement and advice is given where motherhood is impacted by the additional burdens of solo parenting or career choices. The message is an encouragement for everyone, from fathers to grandmothers, young men and women, and boys and girls.

Message 1 of 4: Sexuality , Gender and Marriage - God's Design : Ross

We begin a series on the topical but very difficult subjects of sexuality, gender identity, and pornography and how should believers in Jesus Christ and His Gospel respond to these divisive issues that effect all aspects of life.

In this message, Ross starts in Gen 1:26-28 and Gen 2:18-25 and reflects on the origin of sex, gender and marriage.

He concludes this message with the observation that it is not our sin that keeps us from gaining eternal life but rather, unbelief.

Every person has fallen short of the Glory of God but the penalty for our sin has already been paid at the cross of Calvary. All the distortions of sex, gender and marriage come about because of our sin nature, and it is only through the forgiveness available to everyone who believes can we have our relationships restored with each other and God the Father.