Matthew 27:1-26 Making choices, what to do with Jesus - Sam M

Mt 27:1-26 Making choices: what do I do with Jesus?
A morning like no other.
Death sealed
Denied by Peter 3 times
Committed to destruction.

Ch27 presents Jesus set against back drop of evil
Illegal and unjust trial
Pilot’s cowardice
Herod’s cruelty
Frenzy of the mob

Matthew always presented the Messiah, presenting the King in his majesty purity and perfection. Against all this ugliness, the beauty of Jesus is seen in higher contrast.

The pain of the guilt of Judas. 

Judas had a visual experience of Jesus.  Spat upon, face bruised and beaten, bound, lead away to a man condemned to death.
Why? The leadership would have approved of his action.
Judas is confronted internally by what has been done is wrong because we are all made in the image of God. He knew what he had done was wrong.
Peter denied Christ, but was remorseful and repented and chose a saviour while Judas chose a system.
Judas hanged himself after betraying innocent blood. Against this tragedy the perfection of Jesus shines through.

The guilt of sin can weigh heavily on us. Rom 4. Who will deliver is from this body of death? Who will deliver you from the awful feeling of guilt. The guilt of sin drives us to the Saviour. We are not to seek escape but seek the saviour.

Judas’ Choice
In deciding what to do with Jesus, Judas tried to use Christ as a means for personal gain.

Pilot’s Choice
John 18:28. What accusation do you bring against this man. He took the easy way out and sent him to Herod.

Herod and Pilot became friends, Luke 23:12. Previously enemies but now bond over a common cause. They have a camaraderie of cruelty. As Herod had mocked him then he thought that perhaps Jesus does deserve to die but he cannot pin anything legally on Jesus.

Pilot’s wife, a gentile, even recognised Jesus as a righteous man and prompts Pilot to have nothing to do with the prosecution but instead he trades the life of Jesus for the murderer Barabbas.

We all have a choice as to what to do with Christ. With real choice comes real consequences and the answer to this question determines your eternal destiny.