Matthew 23: What Grieves the heart of God - John W

John reviews the Gospel of Matthew up to the conflict scene with the Pharisees, starting in Chapter 21. The message examines the things that grieves the heart of God through the lens of Jesus. Specifically chapter Matt:23 challenges us on actions that:

1. Closes the door to God's Kingdom, v. 13
2. Leading people away from God to be people like the Pharisees, v. 15
3. Following man-made traditions instead of God's Word, v. 16-22
4. Concentrating on the minutia (legalism) and ignoring what is really important; Justice, Mercy and faithfulness, v.23-24
5. Putting on an act so that you look 'right', v.25-26
6. Not addressing the evil on the inside, v.27-28
7. Rejecting and murdering God's prophets and messengers, v.29-36