God is Faithful - Richard Yarrall - mission service to Latin America

Richard and Nancye Yarrall have served as missionaries to Latin America for nearly 50 years. Their ministry Latino people has been in Colombia and Los Angeles. Today he encouraged us that God is Faithful.

1 Thess 5:24. He who calls you is faithful; He will surely do it.

 Three important things in the Christian life and the Faithfulness of God that Richard has learned over decades of ministry:

1. You must have a personal relationship with the Lord Jesus. To walk with him day by day

2. Be always in the Word of God; be guided by the word of God because the Word is powerful and sharper than any two edge sword.

3. Be guided by the Holy Spirit

The step of faith eventually becomes the walk of faith.

God is both faithful and He will accomplish what He said He will do. Only what is invested in eternity will endure.

2 Tim 4:6  We must live our life in the Light of Christ returning.

If God calls us, God is faithful, and being faithful he will do it. We can trust him to fulfill what he has called us to do.

Genesis 12:1-4 Hold Nothing Back - Ric Sun

Visiting speaker, Ric Sun, teaches us that to become a blessing to the world is to be obedient to the Lord.

What is boldest move you have made for the Lord. How can holding nothing back will become a blessing for the world?

Three lessons from Genesis 12:1-4, Abram left his family and lands as the Lord had told him.

1. An encounter with God

2. A promise from God

3. A response to God

Tawbuid Translation Project - Hannah Fleming commendation

Hannah shares with us her story of preparing to go out to work long term with the Tawbuid people on the island of Mindoro, Philippines

Hannah speaks of her upbringing in a missionary family dedicated to Bible translation and how she has been determined to commit long term to the vital work of translating God's Word into languages that people can access and understand.

Hannah shares a short piece on her work so far with the Tawbuid people, her path to a linguistics degree qualification, and now her work with the Genesis translation project.  Hannah's work is also captured in 2013 in this GC3 article.