Life of David - How mighty might you be? : Roger L

Roger takes us to 2 Samuel 23 and considers how the example of David's mighty men, risking their lives to fulfil their master's wish for water, is reflected in the NT and in our service to the Lord now.
Roger suggests that disputes over water with the sophisticated Philistines of old can be seen in Church life today with wells of spiritual water being filled with rocks and earth as people deny doctrines of creation, virgin birth and resurrection.
What is the Holy Spirit softly whispering today, asking us to go and fetch water from within the enemy's camp, needing courage and standing firm when others retreat?

Life of David - Davidic Covenant : John W

John summarises the Life in David series as seen through the Psalms.

Forgiveness; promises of God, a relationship with God to model; goodness and forgives of God as David experienced; conditional and unconditional promises; descendants of David on the Throne, Ps 89, Is 7:13,
We are grafted into the blessings of Israel, fully benefiting from the covenant with David, now and forever more.

What is our response to God's promises, 2 Cor 1:20?

Life of David - Family Troubles Pt 2 : Ross P

Ross continues in a wonderful exposition of a picture of God's justice and mercy illuminated by David's failure to judge Amnon rightly after the rape of Tamar.

Life of David - Mephibosheth : Simon S

A wonderful picture of God's grace to while we were crippled by sin, unable to approach the King except through our relationship with the Lord Jesus, we are adopted as sons and daughters.