Isaiah Introduction - Why Prophecy? : Ross P

Ross introduces the teaching series and book of Isaiah and asks why should we study prophecy since it is often associated with controversy and unpopular judgement. Prophecy constitutes at least 25% of the bible so to not study prophecy is to overlook a large portion of God's word.
6 Reasons to study prophecy:

  1. It Promotes scripture. All scripture is profitable.
  2. It Prevents ignorance. It informs us of God's plan and confirms already fulfilled promises
  3. It Proclaims Christ. Rev 19:10 'the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy' All prophecy points to Christ
  4. It Promises personal benefit. Rev 1:3
  5. It Promotes holy living. 2 Pet 3:10
  6. It Persuades people into sharing the good news knowing that God's judgement is assured in the future as it was demonstrated in the past. 2 Cor 5:10 'we will all give account to God'

The message concludes with a call to repentance.