Tyranny of Desire - Maxon Mani

Maxon brings us another insightful illustration about life through use of story and narrative. He takes us to Gen 3 to propose that battle for our mind is the battle for our intellect. Our intellect is changed by the perspectives that society pushes on us. Perspectives of others, not God’s, eventually corrupts our will to decide.  Our corrupted will to decide becomes our warden. Tells us exactly what to do even if we don’t want to. It leaves behind a trail of victims. 

Everything and all things corrupts our will to decide. When we will do anything to fulfil our desire we multiply our victims. We harm those around us in pursuit of what we want. God is out of our mind. Adam and Eve decided against God and the generations that came after them.

Everything we are seeing and learning will eventually lead to the corruption of our will to desire for good and Maxon shows that this applies to all areas of life including matters of gender identity and sexuality.

Recorded 1.10.2017

Message 4 of 4: What determines my identity? - Ross P John W

Our value as a human being is much greater than our sexuality. We are of infinite value because we are created in the image of God.

This message uses the audio from three sources:

Sam Allbury address to 2017 Anglican Synod, London, Feb 15, 2017
His brief remarks were very compelling as he challenged the assembly on their approach to the Christian doctrine on marriage. “My question to the bishops is not, ‘Will you preserve this doctrine?,’ but ‘Do you really believe in it? Is it good news for the world?,'” he said. “Many of us have found it to be life-giving, as the message and teaching of Jesus always is.”

Rosaria Butterfield, The Gospel Coalition, 'What Most Surprised Her About Christians When She Became One'

Rosaria Butterfield, The Gospel Coalition, 'Sexuality and Identity' Aug 21, 2015


Message 3 of 4: Pornography - Looks that Kill - Jandre N

Message three of this series on a biblical perspective on Identity and Sexuality tackles the difficult but pervasive problem of pornography that effects a conservative estimate of 90% of all boys and young adult men, and an increasing percentage of women. Its is as much on the inside of the church community as it is outside. All men have fallen short and we are all wired the same way.

Rather than resorting to an analysis that exegetes meanings and words, Dre instead walks over this heavy ground with a light foot and an understanding heart that encourages us to bring this darkness out into the light. He recounts the pain and and addiction he sees in student ministry.

His central passage is 1 John 1:5-9 and also goes to Prov 27:17 where he encourages us to find some one who can be trusted and can hold us accountable for the things we view and dwell upon.

The message also references an interview given in 2011 at Northpoint Church, Atlanta, between Andy Stanley and a couple Michael Leahy and Patty Onorato. Michael opens up to his lifelong addiction to pornography that eventually lead to the loss of his marriage, his family and his job. The portion of the video viewed is recorded in this message.
Exposed - Looks that Kill

Dre finishes with the encouragement to bring the problem out into the light, to find someone who will keep you accountable, and to take practical steps with your devices and situations you find yourselves in to break the slave master control over our lives.

Matt 7:26-27
26 And everyone who hears these words of mine and does not do them will be like a foolish man who built his house on the sand. 27 And the rain fell, and the floods came, and the winds blew and beat against that house, and it fell, and great was the fall of it.”



Message 2 of 4: My Body My Choice - Intergenerational perspectives : Sam M and Ross P

In this second message in the series on Sexuality and Identity we have two speakers, Ross and Sam. Ross begins by summarising his message from last week on the origin of sex, gender and marriage and foundational understanding that men and women are image bearers of God who created us. We are created to glorify God and to find enjoyment in him.

Ross reads through Gen 3:1-7 and makes the observation that the deception of Eve starts with Satan

1. questioning what God says,…”did God really say..?”
2. contradicting what God says, “you won’t surely die..”
3. debating what God says, “God knows that you that your eyes will be opened, and you will be like God..”

The area of sexual sin and identity is a battle for the mind. Facing temptation is a battle of the mind. 2 Cor 11: 3.  Our thoughts are lead astray from sincere and pure devotion.

Sam then brings insight from the perspective of a ‘millennial’ generation person about gender, identity. He identifies that conversations about sexuality between generations is difficult and avoided since both sides are coming from a completely different set of 'rules' about the world and relationships. 

He tells how sex has become a recreational sport between people on the basis that if it felt right then there was no reason not to indulge so long as you were being true to yourself.  Individual expression became the moral wallpaper of his generation. There was no need or even concept of looking outside ourselves to an objective standard. 

He explains however that under the test of being authentic to yourself and absolute freedom actually brought about crises of anxiety and not knowing who you really are. Identity is sought from within rather than in the creator who made us. We are made to be in relationship with the One who made us. 

The crisis of anxiety comes from a deep desire to be fully known and fully accepted. Sam shared his own experience of finding caring friendships from young men and women who turned out to be homosexual and lesbian who were nonetheless, seeking to be known and loved. He identifies that our identity is only meaningful when it is anchored to Christ and is an ongoing relationship project where we are slowly being healed and restored to fellowship.

Ross then finishes by sharing about the privilege of being able to study the human body throughout his career and testifying how wonderfully and fearfully it is made. Ps 139. He implores us to flee sexual immorality, 1 Cor 6:12-20. Our body is a sacred and special place and we need to chose how we use it to either honour or dishonour it.

So to tie the two generational perspectives together, the millennial and baby boomer, the challenge we face is a battle for our mind how we view God’s plan for sexuality and how we use the temple of the Holy Spirit to honour God and to honour one another.


Message 1 of 4: Sexuality , Gender and Marriage - God's Design : Ross

We begin a series on the topical but very difficult subjects of sexuality, gender identity, and pornography and how should believers in Jesus Christ and His Gospel respond to these divisive issues that effect all aspects of life.

In this message, Ross starts in Gen 1:26-28 and Gen 2:18-25 and reflects on the origin of sex, gender and marriage.

He concludes this message with the observation that it is not our sin that keeps us from gaining eternal life but rather, unbelief.

Every person has fallen short of the Glory of God but the penalty for our sin has already been paid at the cross of Calvary. All the distortions of sex, gender and marriage come about because of our sin nature, and it is only through the forgiveness available to everyone who believes can we have our relationships restored with each other and God the Father.