Romans 11:1-15 Roland v N Our response to Israel

Roland teaches us today from Romans 11:1-15. Firstly, he recaps where we have been in chapters 9 and 10, looking at how chapter 9 reveals how God’s word hasn’t failed. Chapter 10 then shows us how Israel has failed to receive salvation through faith and is still trying to use works.

Chapter 11 then moves into talk of the remnant of Israel. Paul claims that as a descendant of the clan of Benjamin he is part of the remnant of Israel. He links back to Elijah to show that God has always kept a remnant for himself within Israel. This refers to the 7000 mentioned in 1 Kings 19:18 that God had kept from worshiping Baal. All of this is to show that God hasn’t forgotten Israel and still has a plan for them.

Roland then moved on to Romans 11:7 which talks of those not chosen as the remnant of Israel having their hearts hardened. He linked this back to promises in the Old Testament. Jews generally split the Old Testament into 3 parts. The law, the writings and the prophets. Paul makes reference to all 3 of these in verses 8-10. One from Deuteronomy, one from Psalms and one from Isaiah. All of this is to show that there is no works based salvation for Israel.

Romans 11 then goes on to focus on how the act of hardening Israel has paved the way for the salvation of the gentiles. This highlights the fact that without God hardening the hearts of Israel, we wouldn’t have salvation now. It also tells us in verse 14 that the salvation of the gentiles is to make Jews jealous so that some might be saved. We owe our salvation to Israel so we need to repay that favour by bringing them back to Christ.

Roland finished his talk with some application for us. The first of these is to come to Jews with humility as they have paved the way for our salvation. The second is to provoke them to jealousy that they might be saved. This is done through showing the love of Christ to them. Finally we need to respectfully ‘prod’ Jews towards Jesus.