Romans 9:1-18 To the Jew First - Ross P

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Ross teaches from chapter 9 and this marks a shift from the first 8 chapters of doctrine regarding the sin of all men, and God's provision of Christ's righteousness through faith. He reminds us of the key verse of Romans being Rom 1:16-17 regarding the Gospel but today looks at the significance of the reference to the Jews first and then to the Gentiles.

Is there any future for Jewish people in the church if Gentiles are now included in the kingdom? Tension arose between the Jews and Gentiles of Rome. Paul writes to explain the promises of God to Israel and God's sovereign right to choose a people group for blessing. The heritage of the people of Israel was of great advantage. Covenants, promises, patriarchs, and the human ancestry of Christ.

Ross considers whether there is a future for Israel or are the Church and Israel one entity. This matter has divided the church over the centuries where the church is a replacement for Israel. Is Israel still important in God's plans? Will God ever abandon Israel? Scripture tells us that God will never abandon Israel. Jer 31:35-37. God's word will never fail. God's mercy is relentless.

God is is always absolutely right and fair and just, and because of this we can trust Him for His promise of forgiveness, justification and eternal life for all who believe, both Jew and Gentile. Everyone who calls on the Lord shall be saved.