A Prayer for Christchurch

For Christchurch

17 March 2019

Let us pray.

Our God and Father,

We praise you for your kindness and care towards each of us. There is hope and peace found in you. John 3:16 reminds us that you so loved the world and that you want none to perish, and offer life and hope through your son Jesus Christ.

Yet we also know the truth of your word when read the heart of humanity is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked: who can know it?

As many in our nation at this time consider life and death, their minds and hearts will turn to matters of religion and faith and the meaning of it all.

Help each of us to have a word of encouragement and wisdom to draw all to you, the one true living God and your Salvation through Jesus Christ.

We have witnessed a terrible act on the Muslim community in Christchurch. A city so near to our hearts for many of us and a place that has seen more than enough death and destruction.

As a nation we have reeled in shock and horror at the actions of one individual who has murdered so many in a senseless act that can only be described as evil in the extreme.

This sad and heart-breaking tragedy Lord is too close to home. There is dreadful sense of sadness and a feeling we have all lost something as a nation.

The loss of 50 lives is terrible; such evil and hatred is abhorrent to us.

It will be so difficult for the victims’ families overseas who will be experiencing great sadness and frustration being so far away. We pray Lord that you can comfort them and ensure the government will do all it can to aid the supply of names and information which will help their grieving.

The enormity of the tragedy is difficult to grasp. We pray for all the families who have suffered the loss of loved ones. We pray for the quick identification and the return of their loved ones for burial.

We also pray for the 48 that are injured and pray for speedy recoveries. We thank you for the dedication of the many medical and ambulance staff who have worked so hard. We thank you for their skill and healing hands that have saved so many. We pray there be no more loss of life of among those currently wounded.

We also thank you for the efficiency and bravery of the Police….. and that they and the security authorities will continue to be diligent and successful in the prosecution of any and all involved.

We also thank you so many did escape from the Mosque. Lord we pray that you will comfort ALL who have seen things that cannot be put into words……as many will have wounds… to the mind and soul… that are hidden from view.

We pray that they may seek you and find you and gain comfort as you are the true God who heals the broken-hearted and binds up their wounds.

We also pray for all New Zealanders, that the people will not be overcome with fear and worries in regards to safety and security, it is so easy to allow anxieties to overwhelm the senses, instead let us as a nation unite in concern for our neighbours.

We pray that there be NO thoughts of revenge. That all will allow and respect the authorities to do their job and allow justice to take it’s course.

We also pray that the Muslim nations will not perceive these murders…. as a Christian act…. and as an excuse to attack churches in their nations. It seems ironic that many Islamic nations have offered support to NZ when they are so willing to endorse or ignore similar actions at home. We pray as nation states they will see they have a responsibility to protect all their citizens and places of worship. We pray for your protection upon all our brothers and sister in the persecuted lands.

We pray for the perpetrator of this evil crime…….. may he feel guilt and remorse. We pray for his family who must also be feeling great shame and loss over an evil son, may they seek solace in the living God.

We also pray that others do not use his actions to validate or advance their own hate filled agendas. Lord comfort us….. even in Dunedin… as it seems incomprehensible that our city is linked with this terrible crime.

We pray you continue to keep us safe in this place….and all those who attend churches, mosques, temples and synagogues in New Zealand. Experience from overseas, and now in NZ, shows many have murderous intent against places of worship.

We also pray the government will act responsibly and with great wisdom as it reviews various activities and laws. Many decisions and changes to the law and how we live, will affect us all….. possibly adversely.

We pray nothing will take away from the freedom of speech and the opportunities to preach the Gospel to everyone…. as we long to see all New Zealanders come to saving knowledge of the Lord Jesus, including our Muslims neighbours.

Finally, as believers we claim and know the living God as our refuge and strength, our ever-present help in trouble. Therefore we will not fear. The Lord God Almighty is our fortress, our shield and our stronghold.

This we pray in the name of our Lord Jesus our redeeming King, our Salvation and Deliverer, until He comes for us.