Matthew 1 : Vantage Points - John W

John introduces the Gospel of Matthew and explains the benefit to be gained when many people give different accounts of the same event. Having multiple perspectives brings more detail and different insights depending on what each person saw, and what the witness considered to be important. So it is with the four gospels, with each author shining a different light from a different angle on the life of Jesus, giving us a fuller and more complete picture.

Matthew presents Jesus as Messiah, King of the Jews,  Emanuel, God with us. It is the story of God's kingdom and God's King. The story of grace redemption, restoration and forgiveness of sin.

The first example of the different perspective is found in the geneologies, the family line of Jesus. Matthew's angle concentrates on Jesus the King. It starts with Abraham and goes to David. It looks at the kingly line and then leads to Joseph, We get a view of what happened from Joseph’s perspective when it comes to the birth of the Messiah.

Luke, on the other hand emphasises the Son of Man, and starting with Adam, and instead of the kingly line it goes from David to Nathan, brother of Solomon and leads to Mary. Then we see the angel comes to Mary so we get a description of the birth of Jesus from Mary’s perspective.

John asks the question regarding the qualities we need to have so serve God by looking at the conduct of Joseph and Mary. Joseph: faithful, considerate, self controlled, obedient, respectful
Mary: humble, obedient, worshipful, someone who rejoices in God. These qualities are why God chose these two people to raise His son.