Male & Female He Created them - 1 Cor 11 : Ross P

In Chapter 11 Paul commends the Corinthian church for remembering him, and for maintaining the traditions he delivered to them, but he has to rebuke the members for their conduct when they gather together and their approach to the Lord's Supper.

In bringing us God's word Ross address the often heated topic of gender roles in society, and in the church, and shares from his own life experience regarding the changing attitudes he has observed to head covering and gender roles. He explains the distinctions of patriarchal versus matriarchal and egalitarian society, but concludes with the scriptural understanding of a complementarian view of the role of men and women. 

In this message, Ross asks the questions of:

1. Do we accept or resist the gender role God has assigned us?

2. How can we mirror Jesus as we demonstrate the gospel in the role God gives us? As male and female, do we show servant leadership as Jesus submitted to the Father. As male and female we can mirror Jesus.

3. If I disagree with God am I still willing to submit to Him?

4. Do we take the Lord's remembrance supper seriously?