Lawsuits & Liberty - 1 Cor 6 : Simon S

Simon begins with observing that Paul letters are conversational. Written from real people to real people with real and troubling problems. 

Secondly, the letter is pastoral with a purpose of teaching and helping the people in the Corinthian church, faith in action, integrated with real life. Sometimes the message is hurtful but Paul’s motivation is his love for the brothers and sisters in Corinth. 

Thirdly, Paul’s message is theological and speaks about Jesus, the centre and foundation of the church, and that the problems that arise stem from people not building their lives around Jesus, or not fully understanding the message of the gospel. False theology underpins un-Godly living, and Paul corrects their false views and misconceptions by bringing the believers back to Christ, back to the cross. It is theology but its also theology in overalls, a knowledge of God that needs to be lived out. Not just wisdom kept in your head so that you can boast, but wisdom that moves from the head to the heart and bears fruit in Godly living.

Paul tells the Corinthians that their disputes with each other are never more important than the message of the Gospel so why not suffer wrong for the sake of the Gospel? 

The Gospel is all about not getting what you deserve but instead receiving grace.

We risk our disputes over taking the Gospel of Christ. By walking away from the cross and instead toward the court room we have already lost.


Love for each other takes precedence over liberty. True christian freedom is doing what is good and not just what is good for you but good for all. Live a life that enhances rather than exploits.