Sunday Mornings
9:30 am-11:30 am

Services start at 9:30 am with introduction and welcome followed by a bracket of songs and chorus.

We have a short 5-10 minute Interest Slot where topical items on church work, mission, or encouragement from an example of God's creation is shared.

Sunday School kids and teachers leave for class about 9:500 am when we commence the morning Bible teaching message with a duration of 35-50 minutes.

Approximately 10:45 am we commence open worship where songs, scripture reading and prayer is given, concluding with Communion.


Japanese Christian Fellowship starts at 5pm, Sunday evenings and is attended by visiting high school and tertiary students from Japan, China, Korea and Malaysia. The service commences with singing of gospel songs in Japanese and English

A teaching message is given in Japanese by Pastor Gideon, with an English translation on data projection.

A meal is provided free of charge but with a free will offering to cover some of the expenses, followed by an English lesson.

Transport home for the students to their home-stays is provided as needed.